Loan Products


If you are in the market for a new or used automobile, call the office and you can fill out the papers and be pre-approved for your CAR LOAN.  You will be able to shop knowing that your paper work is ready when you find the perfect car.  If you have already found that perfect car but financed it elsewhere, give us a call and see if we can refinance that auto for you with a smaller payment.  Just give us a call at 216-281-4570.

Need to consolidate your CREDIT CARD BILLS?  We can mail, fax, or email you an application.  Our Credit Card loan pays off your bills and gives you one payment at a fixed rate.

The SHARE PLEDGE LOAN allows you to borrow against your savings, Christmas Club or Certificate at the lowest rate.  This loan is available for immediate issue as long as the funds are on deposit with the Credit Union.

Any worthwhile expense from a vacation, back to school, family emergency, Christmas expense all of these could be applied to one of our loan products.

Setting up direct deposit to the credit union makes you eligible for even more loan products.