Savings & Checking


Regular savings (share accounts) add a little each pay day and watch your savings grow.  Learn to pay yourself first.

Student savers – accounts for all our young members under 18 years of age.

Christmas Club savings – enjoy a prepaid holiday by saving in our Christmas club.  No withdraws so you get a check in October to start your shopping.

Share Certificates (CD’s) – 3 -6 -12 and 18 month certificates available

Checking accounts (draft) available to help you manage your finances Reordering checks is easy, just call 1-800-355-8123… 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Have a check or reorder form available and you will have all the information needed.

DIRECT DEPOSIT is available for your savings as well as your checking.  It can also be used to make loan payments or add funds to your Christmas Club account.

Still receiving your federal benefit payments by paper check?  Be Smart with your money-switch to direct deposit.  It’s safer, easier and gives you more control.  Call (800) 333-1795 to enroll.